Urban Enframement 櫥窗裡的房子

Origin of the Project:

As our proprietors have planned to build a boutique and hotel type apartment building as a landmark in the Xinyi Planning District (a shopping district), the most central metropolitan area in Taipei City, we are invited to design a sales office and a model house for this property project. “How to create a buzz for this design” has always inspired us!


信義計畫區是臺北市最核心的都會區域,我們的業主計畫在這興建一棟地標性的精品酒店式公寓大樓,邀請我們為這個建案設計一個售樓處以及一個樣板房. 對於這個設計,我們一直問自己一個問題,就是 – 如何造成話題!

The Impenetrable House:

As the sales office is located in old buildings in row that are waited to be renovated, an unimaginable visual image is created to amplify the conflicts of the transition from the old to the new, through which people in the city passing through will guess, doubt and image... “What is this house?” Thus, the discussed topics have taken root and gradually spread on this city based on the base as the center of a circle.



Urban Display Window:

This project includes two stores in the curbside, with the sales office on the right and the model house on the left. A large advertising billboard in the facade above the second floor is imagined to be an urban display window that can attract people’s eyes to this unique building at the first glance.



The two stores are designed with the concept of two boutique display windows. A model of the property project is placed in the display window of the sales office on the right-hand side, which achieves the visual effect that a house is placed in the shop window of a boutique. The shop window of the model house on the left-hand side is arranged with a special image: as all houses are fully decorated and furnished for the future owners, all things needed in life are painted white and a red suitcase is put in the middle of the shop window, which, on one hand, strengths the sales strategies, and one the other hand, makes an image of selling branded clothes as a boutique’s shop window.


What’s more, an exceptional smart film is stuck to the glass with setting up a projector. The smart film that is transparent during the day becomes atomized at night. The display window becomes a large screen when the projector is opened, where the actual performances of our proprietors over the years, the sales information on the project as well as the NBA playoffs can be showed directly. The effectiveness and funniness of this display window is mainly enhanced. All efforts are made to create a buzz!

更特別的是我們在玻璃上貼了一種特別的智慧膜,並架設了投影機,這智慧膜白天是處於通透的狀態,到了晚上,一切換成霧化模式,投影機打開,這櫥窗就變成一台大型螢幕,不管是我們業主的歷年實績或是這建案的銷售資訊,甚至是NBA的季後賽,都可以直接在這螢幕上演,主要目的是要放大這櫥窗的效應與趣味性…….. 一切的作為,都是要造成話題!

The Nature of Living:

We attempt to make the living return to the most primitive state. We can imagine that ancient people lived in cave dwellings, and the same materials are used in all space and life of appliances. There are not straight lines or right angles in the space. The stretching of the space in sight is created due to the changes of time.



Through the digital operation, the plywood is designed wholly in the whole space of the sales office and the sales tools, which creates the theme and uniqueness for the visual experience. The same materials and techniques are applied in walls, tables as well as bars, which will deeply impress passers-by in terms of vision.

我們透過數位化的運算, 將整個售樓處的空間以及銷售用的道具,全部用木作夾板做成了一個整體式的設計,透過這樣的設計讓視覺經驗產生一種主題性與特殊性,同一種材料以及工法,變成了牆壁,變成了桌子甚至是吧台,這也讓路過的人產生了極大的視覺印象.

Walking in this space, you will experience the continuity of the space with the changes of visual angles. There is no repetition of visual angles in this space, which encourages you to explore and wander around the space.


In terms of the model house, the unexpected future night scenes outside the window of this house will draw the owners once they enter the room. This is our hope that owners’ dreams and hopes for the future can be further expressed, and it is also the buzz we pursue to create. With the technology of the smart film, the night scenes can be transformed into the sales tools for sales personnel. We hope to create surprises again!