Light Flowing 光 流動

This project is located in a high-density mixed residential and commercial district. The owner who enjoys casual bird watching activities chose to keep two large outdoor balconies on both sides of the apartment. The apartment is surrounded by lights from three different directions. Each room opens into the balcony through a window.


The design concept for this project centers on a relaxing, natural presentation and comfortable environment of outdoor balconies. The floors are paved with low-profile plain porcelain tiles to provide a warm and smooth texture which gives the control of the space back to the apartment. For the entrance, we used an expressive stone screen. The natural texture of the screen adds to the uniqueness of the entire space. The half-height TV wall defines the dining room and living room. The half-open space allowed free passing of vision and lights, connecting the indoor and outdoor landscapes and ultimately opening up the entire living space.


In consideration of the owner’s requirement and geological environment of the project, the outdoor balconies were the center of the design concept, which brings the landscape from outdoor to indoor space. As a result, the magnanimity of the space inspired from the characteristics of the space and choice of materials created a subtle, elegant and relaxing ambience, reflecting the outdoor landscape and greenery. The design depicted the value of the apartment and portrayed a living attitude that seeks simple inner peace.