Blank 留白

The choice of the tone for the living space reflects the owner’s personality and preference. During our discussion, we discovered the owner had a strong preference for black and white colors and favored simple spatial design without complex details. He/she wishes to preserve the openness of the space and would like to give a personal touch by using soft furniture in order to create a unique personal space.


In terms of materials, our rationale is based on how to generate a pure and simplified spatial atmosphere. Create a simple space that still preserves subtle layers and delicate details by harmonizing various proportions of lines and simple materials in order to demonstrate a unique spatial ambience.


For space planning, we created a large area for interaction by incorporating the living room, personal working area and dining room into one massive space. Using different materials for different areas, we were able to accentuate the core concept of separate spaces within an open space. The entire room was connected but expanded with the flowing light.