Dining in Nature 食在自然

What people eat is highly valued by Asians. In modern society, how we can have a natural and healthy meal is also an important dieting concept.We have a deeper understanding of the main spirit that our owner-HKHK Dim Sum Corporation has for the establishment of this brand.In addition to the carefully selected materials, we put more emphasis on letting the customers savor our fresh-made delicacies once they are served.In the process of selecting materials, rinsing and cooking it, and finally cuisines being served on the dining table, the two essential values that we focus on are nature and health.


With these concepts of food making, what appear in my mind are natural scenes of tides bred by breeze caressing through the field, clouds floating in the sky, and a school of fish weaving through the ocean. I hope that the room can follow the design of bionic architectures, so customers will connect themselves with the nature that they once experienced, sensed and were familiar with. Moreover, what they feel through vision and gustation will be the taste of simplicity in nature.


We hope to add an element in the room, with that the public area and private area are divided functionally. In the public area, customers take their orders and return to the private area for dining. By doing so, two different behaviors, one is dynamic and the other is static, are separated to reduce the interference that the two bring to each other. This concept is like the design of formicaries, which brings a sense of stability, like “home,” to the ants seeking food outside and then returning. We have a unique curved wood grating system in the room, and through precise digital and structural calculation, the room will be filled with a nature-like rhythm and beauty. When wandering around the space, nothing you see is repeated and fixed; instead, all you can experience is a nice stroll and the experiences you obtained from the exploration of this room.